Top 10 Best Pets Photography Tricks

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Do you want to know the secrets of exclusive pets photography? Ye, you are at the right place. In this article, I will reveal all the secrets of professional pet photography. Keep calm and read through this article to become a successful one in this realm of photography

10 Best Pets Photography Tricks

Photography is a specialized profession. A photographer faces many obstacles every day, and with their expertise, he overcomes those problems. That’s why photography is a never-ending learning journey. With time, a photographer becomes irresistible and provides the viewers with masterclass photos. However, becoming a pet photographer is a lot more challenging than the other areas of photography. The following pet photography tips will help you become a professional in this field.

Catch Your Pet’s personality

Start with your pet’s character. Think about the facts that make it unique from other animals. Pets photography gets a deeper meaning by portraying its personality on the picture. Take to their preferred place so you can extract their real character. You know what character sets it apart from other animals. Try to bring those things in the photographs to create a story around them.

Set up the photoshoot around its bed, or here it goes after a meal. However, it might be better to shoot at a local park or an open place with a hyperactive pet who is always on the move.

Make It Contextual

A pets photographer always wants to portray the attachment between the pet and its owner. That’s why choosing the location to photograph the pet is important to bring the pet’s emotion and the surrounding. Select a place where the pets feel comfortable and express themselves the most.

For instance, you can take your pet to a place where once you and your pet had some special moments. Also, consider the background of your shot. A distracting background can ruin the concept completely. Make it simple in choosing a background that can bring a whole focus on the pet.

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Focus on the Eyes

Getting close and aiming at the yes can help you win a pets photography competition. Use the leisure moments such as bedtime or after eating to move in close to the pets. You can also use a high-quality zoom lens if you can’t get physically close to the pet. Use a wide aperture to blur the background. It will help you to get a more focused picture.

Get Down to Their Level

If you love pets photography, you might know how difficult it is to capture an amazing moment. As pets are smaller than humans, you need to get down to their level for natural and dramatic shots. Use sturdy support if you can not use a tripod on the ground. Book or a solid platform could be a good alternative to a tripod.

Take enough time while capturing the picture. A shallow DOF (f/2.8-f/8) with a faster shutter speed effectively creates a blurred background. Also, it is necessary to minimize the distractions due to the fast movements of the pets.

Apply different Props

You can apply different pets photography ideas using festive props. Also, it is necessary to make the pets playful with the surroundings so you can capture a special moment. Use their toys or other equipment to stir them longingly into the camera lenses. Make it a fun experience for the pet and you, which will help you get dramatic shots.

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Avoid Flash

Avoid using flash, which can be unnerving for the pets. Also, it can scare the pets or make them hide. However, you can use natural light instead of flashlights. The abundance of natural light is the best for pets who get skittish around a flush.

Moreover, flashes create sooky red-eye problems with some animals. And a white fur pet can be washed out by using a flash. That’s why pet photographers always tend to use natural light that helps in getting masterclass shots.

Include People

A good portrait with its owner seems to be a classic shot in the Pets photography. A standard lens of 50 nm is ideal for this kind of picture with a shallow depth of field. Don’t forget to keep everything in the center of the frame. Thus, a photographer adds context to a pet photograph. You can take pictures with the owner or other family members interacting with the pet. These little moments will last for the rest of your life.

Use A Wide Angle Lens

A wide-angle lens allows the photographer to get in close with covering a lot of the pet. Also, a wider angle provides a new dimension to the picture that looks eye-catching. The wide angel’s lens distortion will bring unique creativity and fun perspective.

Catch Them Unaware

You never know when that moment will come when that beloved pet does something dramatic. So, always prepare with your stuff so that you can capture special moments of your four-legged friends. Again, posed shots are always effective, but I love photographing them candidly. The paparazzi-style candid pictures are going to provide you with exclusive shots. So, try to take pictures without making your pet aware of your intention for natural shots.

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