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How to Find a Shih Tzu Puppy for Sale

Shih Tzu,’ the name itself sparks interest and intrigue. How could such a ferocious name be accorded to a pup that looks adorable, friendly, and squishy?

However, this sweet, Tibetan-bred dog is named after a Buddhist legend. The term ‘Shih Tzu’ literally translates as lion dog in Mandarin and was considered to be the dog Lord Siddhartha travelled with. The legend holds that this adorable pup could transform itself into a lion at its will.

Shih Tzu was also among the most favorite breed in the Ming dynasty of China (1368 – 1644). That’s a pretty long time! Even today, this breed is among the most sought-after worldwide. Do you also wish to find Shih Tzu puppies for sale? Then keep reading to learn essential facts about them.

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Amazing Facts about the Royal Pup

Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu Puppy

From Queen Elizabeth to Bill Gates, Shih Tzu has remained the favorite choice among the rich, the royal, and the famous. However, they have gradually come out of the royal palace into the homes of the general public.

This adorable pup is relatively small, with an adult reaching only nine to 10.5 inches in height. Available in a wide variety of colors (mixed with white), these pups’ primary attraction is their show-stopping double coat fur, which is usually wavy but can sometimes be curly as well.

One amazing thing about these pets is that they love to be lap dogs. This may have to do with their royal ancestry. You will rarely find a Shih Tzu pup craving the outdoors. Shih Tzu enjoys playing indoors even when they wish to burn some energy.

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While typically affectionate and welcoming of all people, Shih Tzu may have a reputation for getting away with what they want. New, fascinated owners often offer them treats in excess, which may make it difficult to train them and harm their health. If you’re ready to be persistent yet gentle with this breed, it’s time to see how to purchase one on sale.

Tips to Finding Your Ideal Shih Tzu In Dallas

Your Shih Tzu will demand a lot of care, attention, and love once it is home, but there’s some heavy lifting to do even before they’ve arrived. Here are tips to help you find the best Shih Tzu puppies on sale Dallas

1.    Know about the Pup’s Parents (Or Meet Them)

Enquire about the puppy’s parents. Every puppy indeed comes with its temperament, much like humans. However, they may have emotional and behavioral problems (despite being purebred).

For instance – If the pup’s parents had aggression issues, the pup may have the same. Also, never underestimate the power of aggression in dogs, even if they’re tiny and adorable Shih Tzu! So, ask to meet the pup’s parents (especially the mother).

If that is not possible, at least get to know about them – where they were bred, where they currently are, etc. If it’s an online purchase, do get on a video call with the pup (and their parents if possible!).

2.    Check for Any Identifiable Issues

Even if the supplier is reliable and the pup is purebred, you must be sure about their health. This becomes easier when you’re aware of common red and green flags. Here are some signs to recognize a healthy Shih Tzu puppy –

  • Look for a slightly curled tail (as this is one of the hallmarks of this breed).
  • The pup’s ears should be heavily coated and rest on their sides.
  • Their eyes are usually very dark and spread wide apart.
  • Touch the puppy’s coat to get a feel. They should be double-coated with a dense, luxurious feel.
  • Try interacting with the pup. They should generally showcase a lively demeanor as a Shih Tzu is friendly (even with strangers).
  • Finally, observe for any signs of obesity. Purebred Shih Tzu dogs are solidly built but not overweight.
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3.    Never Forget the Puppy Care Package

Finally, your Shih Tzu breeder is expected to offer you something known as the puppy care package. The term in itself is not that consequential but what it entails is. This care package usually includes all the essentials and toys needed to play with the pup.

However (and more importantly), the care package should include all kinds of puppy documents, especially the registration papers and health certificates. Your puppy supplier should offer a vet guarantee that the pup is currently healthy and faces no genetic disorders.

If such documents are not provided, you have a genuine reason to suspect whether the puppy is purebred.

Bring Home a Charming Shih Tzu Today!

Start by cross-checking the breeder’s reputation and go through reviews. As you prepare to buy Shih Tzu puppies on sale Dallas, remember the above-mentioned factors.

The relevant documents, physical characteristics, temperament, and socialization will tell you all you need to know about the pup. Plus, fret not! These are not prying questions; your puppy supplier will be more than happy to disclose such details.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring home an adorable lap dog that will only demand your attention, care, and a lot of love!

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