Top 10 Facts About The Cavapoo Dog Breed

The Cavapoo, also referred to as a ‘Cavoodle’ and ‘Cadoodle’ is a cross breed of the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Miniature Poodle. The breed is adored for its teddy bear-like personality and cuddly demeanor.  If you are planning to bring a cute furry friend home, the Cavapoo would be great choice. The following facts about this particular dog breed shall help you determine if it’s a good match for you and your lifestyle.

1. The Cavapoo originated in Australia

The Cavapoo was first bred by the Australians, who are famous for creating designer dog breeds. Although the Cavapoo is essentially a hybrid, it is considered an upper-class dog because it is a mix of two noble breeds. It carries the personality traits of both parents, i.e. the intelligence of Poodles and outgoing nature of Cavaliers. 

2. It is an expensive Dog Breed

Cavapoo is recognized as a designer dog breed, and thereby expensive. You might be able to get one for around $1,200-$1,800. If you purchase a puppy from a certified breeder, the price could go as high as $4000. The genetic characteristics of the breed make it one of a kind, which is why it is high in demand. If the hefty price tag is out of your budget, you may try your luck at the shelter and see if one is up for adoption.

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3. Cavapoos are not Outdoor Dogs

Cavapoos are small to medium sized dogs, which enables them to adapt to a range of living conditions. However, they are a sensitive breed that is not meant to be kept outdoors as a guard dog. You can always take them outside to play for a short time, but do not expose them to extreme temperatures.

4. They are likely to outlive their Parents

The Cavapoo, like most mixed breeds, has a better lifespan than larger purebreds. The hybrid-genes help eliminate most of the inbred health problems, so the average life of a dog is about 12-15 years. Nonetheless, proper care and regular visits to the vet are necessary to maintain good health.

5. Cavapoos are not picky eaters

The Cavapoo is essentially an omnivore, and so it will eat absolutely anything you have to offer. Most families prefer dogs that don’t fuss over food, as following a strict diet can be harder. However, the fondness for all kinds of food can also be disadvantageous, as it could encourage obesity. Cavapoos readily put on weight, and may swallow inedible stuff if not supervised.

6. This breed is incredibly Family-oriented

The Cavapoo does not thrive in isolation. It loves to stay around the family, and is prone to separation anxiety if left alone for too long. It is a fast learner, so you can teach it a variety of tricks and commands. This breed fancies people and tends to form a strong bond with family members; it is among those pets that demand a lot of attention. Your Cavapoo will want to be included in all family activities, and get in on the fun with kids and adults alike.

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7. Their Size, Coat type and Color varies

Cavapoo Dog Appearance

The Cavapoo may inherit most of its qualities from the Miniature Poodle and lesser from the Cavalier, or vice versa. This is why their size (height) typically ranges from 9-14 inches, and weight can be anywhere between 9-25 lbs. Common coat colors include chestnut, gold, white, cream, tan, and black; most are a mixture of white with another darker color. The three kinds of coat types in this breed are hair, wool, and fleece.

8. Cavapoos are not Hypoallergenic

No dog breed, including the Cavapoo, is completely hypoallergenic.  However, Cavapoo is certainly an allergy-friendly dog, and this characteristic is affected by the coat type. Cavapoos with a woolly (tightly-curled) coat are most allergy-friendly, given the lowest shed count and occasional need of clipping. The one with a fleece (loose and wavy) coat is the most high-maintenance, requiring regular grooming and clipping. Cavapoos with a wiry and tough hairy coat shed less and don’t need to be groomed that often.  

9. They make great Support Dogs

Cavapoos are sensitive dogs that are very perceptive of their human’s moods. Therefore, if you suffer from depression or PTSD, it will prove to be an excellent service dog. Its intellectual capacity allows it to rise to any challenge; they will provide everything you need from affectionate cuddles to silly antics that cheer you up.

10. The Cavapoo is a friendly breed

The Cavapoo has no mean bone or aggressive DNA in their body. They get along with human beings and other pets in the house, including smaller animals like cats and hamsters. They do not pose any threat to children and visitors, so you won’t get sued for dog bite injuries. They do exhibit a prey-drive by chasing smaller creatures; yet, they never attack, so no use keeping them as a watchdog.

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