10 Best Shock Collars for Small Dogs

Small breed dogs are not only simple to nourish, wash, carry, and take care of, but they also live a long life of 10 – 15 years, some breeds also live a life of 18 years. Taking a dog is something life-enhancing not only children but also elders love to play with small dogs, and today more people select to keep small breed dogs than medium or large breed dogs. All dogs are superb, lovely, and faithful but the small dogs are more than that they are easy to travel with them.


● Small dogs are more affordable

The basic truth is that the maintenance of the dog depends on the size of the dog. Their small size means that they require small food for their growth, products of small dogs are less expensive than the large breed dogs, and small dogs need less maintenance
than the large dog. That’s why smaller dogs are more affordable than the other size breed.

● Why do we use Shock collars for dogs

Small dogs are lovely, best, and cute to play with them but sometimes we are worried about their behaviors. We want to train our dogs according to ourselves. So we need the best collar for our dogs. Are you worried to choose the right collar for your small dog? So don’t have to worry more because in this article I tell you the best shock collars for your small breed dogs. A shock collar for small dogs is the best solution to stop your dog from its unwanted bad habits. If the dog has many habits you don’t like but doesn’t know to get rid of, then you have to buy a shock collar according to your requirements.


In case your dog is big or small, a shock collar can be used on him or her. Your success to train your dog lies in it you the best shock collar for your small dog which has an appropriate level of intensity in this article there are 10 best Shock collars with different intensity levels.
Know you have to select from them. Shock collars for small dogs are safe, and helpful to remove your dog’s bad habits. You also know them as e-collars, training shock collars for small dogs work through the concept of hatred training. When the dog is doing something
wrong and doesn’t want it to do this then you use a shock collar by administering a static correction, which he/she feels uncomfortable. This teaches him/her that this is unwanted behavior that is not acceptable if it is repeated.

What is a Shock Collar for Small Dogs?

Shock Collar


A shock collar is a set consisting of a remote transmitter and a collar receiver. The collar goes on your dog’s neck. Even if you have a small dog with a fondness for continuous barking or you would like to teach your small dog to stay in the place you want it. Then the best choice for you is a shock collar also called an electronic collar or e-collar or remote training collar. So you have to choose the best shock collar for your small dog that is best for you and your dog. It is also helpful when you are looking forward to gifting your loved ones who have a small dog pet you don’t understand what you gift them then the best option is to gift them a shock collar for their pet dog. Because the helpful person wishes that their loved ones train their dog peacefully and its pet performs positive behavior. So, below are the best Shock
Collars for small dogs select from them and gift your loved ones.

PetsTEK’s Picks for the Best Shock Collar for Small Dogs


1. Boss Educator ET-800 Remote Dog Training Collar Black by E-CollarTechnologies 

Shock Collar


The Boss ET-800 e-collar is used for dogs with a weight of 20 pounds or more within a range of one mile. It also provides variations of correction options. The ET-800 dog training collar facilitates a vast range while still keeping the creative, functional design, and waterproof hanging remote. Good for all weathers, when you want a walk with your pet in summer or cloudy weather, it is best to have your dog with an ET-800 collar. It has a stopwatch-style remote transmitter and also comes with important placed buttons for an easy, no-look operation. It has a 30” length which is used to fix its strap according to your dog’s neck. It has 100 switchable Levels of Static Stimulation, Nick, Constant Static Stimulation, and Collar Receiver Light. It also has a wonderful property that is it is fully waterproof, if your small dog needs to take a bath then you also provide it with its e-collar. It also expanded to a 2-Dog system. There is a ‘Set and Lock’ adjustment facility that safe your dog from accident and discharge. It is suitable for all weather, with important placed buttons for easy
operation. You don’t need to worry about a shock collar because it is helpful to you to train your pet which is safe and efficient with an e-collar.

2. Dogtra – 202C – 1/2 mile – Remote Training Collar

Shock Collar


Your dog wants to run free, it makes your small dogs happier but you don’t have time to chase them and run after them So, Dogtra 202C facilitates you and your dog to obey your single command. This can be done with regular training. That’s why you need a remote training collar and then your dog enjoys a free life. Small-sized dogs get big training raise from the Dogtra 202C remote training collar. Long-lasting and reliable, this dog training tool is a very good choice for basic obedience training. Exactness and increased ergonomics take center stage with the Dogtra 202C. Promote a receiver that is 29% smaller than previous models, which is good because it is in small size
and is easy to carry and hold when you train your pet. This e-collar gives a more pleasant fit for dogs as small as 10 pounds. Dogtra 202C has a 1/2-Mile Range and 100 Static Stimulation Levels. It is a fully waterproof system. It has Low to Medium Power Stimulation, an Ultra-Compact Receiver, and 2-Hour Rapid Charge Li-Polymer Batteries It is also available for the 2Dog system. It is best for small dogs
at 10 pounds. This dog training collar is an excellent choice for your basic obedience training.

3. Easy Educator EZ-900 Remote Dog Training Collar Yellow by E-Collar Technologies

Shock Collar


EZ-900 Easy Educator trainer is full of special characteristics, productive, and completely customizable to fit dogs of all sizes and best for small sizes. It is also useful even for deaf and hard-of-hearing dogs. It is more than the shock collar. It is designed to keep safety in mind for your small pet dogs.
This Educator dog collar also comes with a tone option in four (4) modes.
● High Continuous Tone (H)
● Medium Continuous Tone (M)
● Low Continuous Tone (L)
● Classical or Pavlovian Conditioning (PA)
It has a range of 1/2 – Mile, 100 Levels of Stimulation, 5 Stimulation Modes, and 7 Vibration Levels. It also has a variety of characteristics. It is fully waterproof which increases its demand. It is best for 8 pounds to up dogs size. It is expanded to a 4Dog system. This remote
the collar is recommended by professional trainers and they believe that this collar is perfect for their pets.

4. K9 Handler K9-400 B37 Remote Dog Training Collar Black by E-Collar

Shock Collar


The Educator K9 Handler K9-400 remote dog trainer is planned for dogs as small as 10 pounds. It is the best choice for working dogs, this practical trainer is also good for fast, easy, and well-organized obedience training. It also has three different correction options. This shock collar is best for the walking dog if you need to take your dog for a walk and you are afraid if it doesn’t listen to your order and cause an accident then this collar is made for you. It is easy to handle, quick to understand your order to dogs, and efficient for owners. Set the stimulation level between 1-100 and choose between three training modes:
● Continuous Stimulation
● Momentary Stimulation
● Tapping Sensation
It also has a night tracking light on the collar of your dog so, this is help full to you to keep an eye on your dog in dark time. If you want to take your dog outside at night so, you need to buy this collar. If you lose your remote collar then you don’t have to worry about it, because the alarm of the transistor is helpful to you in finding it. This shock collar has a 3/4 miles range, 37″ Bungee Collar, and 100 Stimulation Levels. There is a ‘Set and Lock’ adjustment facility that safe your dog from accident and discharge. It is fully waterproof. It is for Dogs 10 pounds and up. It is also available for you with a 33” bungee collar

5. Mini Educator ET-302 Remote Dog Training Collar Black by E-Collar 

Shock Collar


The ET-302 is filled up with all the same characteristics as the ET-300, but it has two collars that are help full to training two dogs at the same time. Dogs are not bad but they only provide trouble for their owners. They cause problems for you because they are not trained they don’t listen to your orders so, you only need a good remote collar for your pet. The unwanted habits of dogs need to be trained by their owners so, that they don’t, cause any problems. I suggest you train your dog with the ET-302 Mini Educator Black. It removes the negative behavior of your dog when you teach them. The ET-302 is designed with all the same features as the ET300, but with two collars so you can train two dogs at the same time, this is help full to you to train two dogs at a time this reduces your time and your two dogs are trained
It has a variety of features which are it ranges from 1/2 – Mile, Black Color Skin, 2-Dog System, and 100 Levels of Stimulation. It also has a night tracking light with a fully waterproof property. It is best for Dog sizes from 8 pounds and up.

6. Dogtra – ARC – 3/4 Mile – Remote Training Collar

Shock Collar


Training your dog in basic order is an important part of being the best pet owner but make sure you always take care of your dog. When you are talking about your dog training, the Dogtra ARC is your first option from others. It is designed with a carefully constructed arc-shaped receiver, it fits your dog’s neck and provides compatible contact with their skin. The Dogtra ARC has a lightweight and thin remote transmitter. You can push remote buttons easily. When we talk about the range it is 3/4 miles, 127 Levels of Low to Medium Static Stimulation, Nick and, Constant Stimulation, Non-Stimulating HighPerformance Pager Vibration. There are more features like it is Fully Waterproof. It is also Expandable to 2-Dogs System which means you can train your two dogs at a time, this feature is very amazing it reduces your time and you 2-Dogs got trained by yourself. Now we talk about dog breed size for this shock collar it is best for Dogs as small as 15 pounds.

7. DogWatch – BigLeash S-15 Remote Trainer – 1/2 Mile – Remote Training Collar:

Shock Collar


Dogs have their mood swing they don’t come when you call them. They also make trouble when your visitors came to meet you, then often also jump at other animals. They also mess up your kitchen table. When they smell something according to their eat items they want to get it. You also worry about them if they do not listen to you and cause an accident. The small remote transmitter sends a signal to the collar on the dog’s neck. Choose between static, vibration, and tone. This is used to get your dog’s attention to your orders and you can teach
them new commands which you want them to listen to you and also change the commands that are already learned. DogWatch also keeps your dog’s safety in mind by allowing you to set the stimulation level to zero. By using this feature, you can let your dog get used to the shock collar without any fear. So, I Introducing you to the DogWatch S-15 BigLeash Remote Training Collar. This is an e-collar that I safe to use and easy to train your dog according to your self and it also develops the habit to behave itself when it goes outside with you.
This remote trainer has:
● 15 Levels of Static Stimulation
● Vibration Mode
● Tone Feature
This remote transmitter sends a signal to the collar on your small dog’s neck. The S15 BigLeash collar is the best collar to train your dog. It has a 1/2-Mile Range, 15 Levels of Stimulation, Vibration, and Tone, and a Distance Tracker. It also has Built-In LED Lights, Compact Design. It is also an Expandable to 2-Dogs System. You can train your dog size from 8 pounds to up with this e-collar.

8. Finger Trainer FT-330 Remote Dog Training Collar by E-Collar Technologies:

Shock Collar

The new FT-330 Finger Trainer has all the services of Mini Educator but it comes with the advanced functionality of a finger button. The FT-330 comes with a wireless finger button. This setting is also available in handheld transmitters. It’s a flexible training solution for dogs with mild and normal nature. The FT-330 Finger Trainer provides you to train your pet freely. You can also take the remove transmitter away from you and only use it from your finger button when you need to train or behave your small pet dog. It is easy to hold and use without any problem. It has a range of 1/2 miles, a Hands-Free Remote Controller (up to 12 Feet Range), 100 Levels of Nick, and Constant Static Stimulation with a “Lock and Set” Feature this feature is amazing to handle, Non-Stimulating Vibration, Pavlovian Tone Option. It is fully waterproof. It is expanded to a 2-Dog system you can easily train your two dogs at a time with only a finger button which reduces
your time to train the two dogs separately.

9. Mini Educator ET-300 Remote Dog Training Collar ZEN by E-Collar

Shock Collar


There are no dogs that are troublesome and are not trained well so they make trouble for you. I suggest you to training your dog with the ET-300 Mini Educator Remote Training Collar. Now you take with your dog negative behavior easily. The Educator Zen 300 dog collar is
embedded with all the features that are helpful to you to live a joyful life with your pet and train them like a friend. When you are outgoing with your pet and want to walk with your dog but your dog doesn’t listen to your orders and acts stubborn then you have the right choice to take an ET-Mini Educator collar. It is available with a small, ergonomic remote, the ET-300 Mini Educator dog training collar is
used with small hands and one-handed operation. It has various functions and characteristics like having a 1/2 Mile Range with Zen Design Skin, 1-100 UserSelectable Levels of Wide Pulse Stimulation, 1-60 Levels Additional Boost, Proprietary Wide Pulse Stimulation, Lock and Set Technology, Ergonomic “Stopwatch” Transmitter, Small Receiver, Biothane Collar, fully waterproof. It has a LED
Light Feature for Night Visibility then you easily take your dog outside if it is dark outside. It has also Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery. It is expanded to a 2-Dog system. It is best for 8-pond and larger dog breeds.

10. Pro Educator PE-902 Remote Dog Training collar black by E-collar

Shock Collar


Dog owners and professional trainers will love the new features of the PE-902. Taking everything you love above Educator Collars and merging it with modern technology, this remote trainer is ideal for your next training experience.
It also comes with 3 new modes:
● Ramp
● Ramp Boost
● Instant Mode
The ramp feature enables the trainer or owner of the dog to “ramp up” the preset stimulation level to a higher preset one for 1 or 2 seconds in this act it’s level changes which are only available in this e-collar. In instant mode, the dial can control the stimulation for up to 45
seconds. This makes dog training even more custom-made to fit individual dogs and situations Now you don’t have to take any other remote transmitters to train your dog. The PE902 has an easy-to-grip-designed remote with a suitable thumb dial. Now you don’t need to worry about nighttime, the PE-902 transmitter controls a tracking light on the receiver collar. It set a flash and alight so you can easily find your dog at night time. It has various features 1/2 Mile Range, 2-Dog System, Expandable to 3-Dog System, 100 Levels of User-Adjustable Static Stimulation, 6 Selectable Vibrations, 3 Selectable Tones, 2 Ramping Modes, Patented “I” Mode for Instant Stimulation, Lock and Set Stimulation Feature, Collar Receiver Light for Night Tracking, Waterproof, Shock-Resistant, Quick Charge Li-Polymer Batteries, Programmable via USB Computer Interface Tool. It is useful for a dog size of 8 pounds or up.


These are the best shock collars for your small dogs. Small dogs have their moods but they are child friendly. Having a small dog is the best way to live a happy life. But you also have to take care of your pet’s safety and its training. So best of luck with the training of your small dog with the best shock collars.

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