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Are you interested in getting your work published on Winnipups for free? 

Yes it’s free we don’t charge you to publish your articles on our website until it meets all the article guidelines.

Please see our guidelines below, then email your completed article or your article idea pitch to write for us [at] [email protected] with the subject ARTICLE SUBMISSION or IDEA PITCH.

What We Are Looking For In Our Guest Posts:

  1. Dog training tips and strategies that have worked for you.
  2. Heartwarming stories about rescue dogs or life with your dog.
  3. Dog-related news stories.
  4. Anything that would be genuinely helpful to dog owners that we have not already written about on the site.
  5. Maybe try to see the recent trend on the website and write something related to it.


  1. Include a 2-3 sentence bio with your idea pitch explaining WHY you would like your article on our site.
  2. Include your website, portfolio, or a sample of previously published articles as an example of your writing.
  3. Provide the URL link you will be including in your article.
  4. Include the article topic or topics you would like to write about.


  1. Articles should be a minimum of 1000 words.
  2. Only content related to our website niche are acceptable.
  3. The article must be original, well written, formatted, and well researched. Any kind of copied or spun content will not be accepted.
  4. Do not include any referral or affiliate links in the article. You may include one branded link to your website or blog where relevant. Any additional links will be removed upon publication.
  5. Please include a picture! Please attach your original photo in the highest resolution that you have. If the image is not yours, it must be copyright free. Please provide the original source link and relevant citation.
  6. Please provide links to sources for any research or statistical information.
  7. Please keep your paragraphs short and use sub-headings and bullet points where appropriate to break up the content.
  8. Important: We reserve the right to edit your headlines, body copy, and anything else you submit to us. Once we accept a piece of writing from you it becomes the property of winnipups.com and you can not publish it anywhere else.


  1. You may send your article directly in the body of your email or attach it as a Word or Google doc.
  2. Content must be original content that has not been posted anywhere else, either online or in print.
  3. If you have an original video to accompany your article please zip it and attach it to your email. 

Write For Us By Dog & Pet Bloggers:

If you are a fellow pet or dog blog owner you can contact us and we would be interested to explore opportunities to write on your website and you can do the same and continue to do the same that will benefit both of us and we have in-house content writers that will be ready to contribute to your website and give something new to your audience Let us know

You will hear from us within 24 hours or few days if we are able to publish your article.

Please follow all of the guidelines above. If you do not hear from us within that time frame, please feel free to submit to our editor directly to [email protected]

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