Things That Harm Your Dog And How To Avoid Them

Things That Can Harm Your Dog

When you are a proud dog owner, you will take all possible steps to keep your pet healthy and want him to live a long and happy life. But still, sometimes such situations take place where you might harm your pet unknowingly or such things that cause difficulty to your pets as dogs are a kind of pets that are adventurous and curious, like small babies so here are top 10 things that can harm your dog.

They love to explore things that sometimes drag them into trouble. Here, in this content, you will come to know about such things that can cause harm to your pet. Knowing these, you can avoid doing those common mistakes. Now let’s check out those things below-`

Checking out those points is highly important to ensure a dog’s safety and security.

Selecting a Wrong Dog Collar Can Harm Your Dog

As a pet owner, you first need to decide whether to use a harness or collar and how much its width and material will be. This decision is very important and entirely depends on your personal preference. If your dog loves to explore things, choosing a harness can be a great option than a collar because the collar may cause injury to your pet’s neck when someone tries to pull it too hard. The second important step is choosing the right size.

If the harness is too big, it will escape, or if you buy it too small, it will squish your dog’s neck. The general rule to follow for both small and medium-sized dogs is that you should be able to place at least one finger between the harness and the dog. If you have a large dog, your two fingers should fit in it.

Leaving Your Furry Friend Alone in the Car

You should never leave your furry friend alone inside the car. As per research, the temperature inside the car can increase up to 20 degrees in just 10 minutes, even if the vehicle is parked in a shady area. Overheating may cause suffocation to your dog, and this may happen quicker than you expect. This is because dogs don’t sweat like human beings.

Neglecting the Teeth of Your Furry Friend

We all know well that dogs have teeth. These teeth should be brushed every day, just like us. You must start doing it as soon as you get your puppy so that they easily get used to it. Some pet owners think that giving chewing sticks to a pet can replace brushing, but this is not the case.

A chewing stick will not clean the back teeth that a brush can do. Make sure you should not use a human’s toothbrush and toothpaste because both brush and paste are different for dogs, and you can get them easily from your veterinarian.

Letting Your Dog Eat Human Food Might Harm Your Dog

You should never give human food to your furry friend. Human food is not digestive for pets. We use both salt and spice in our food which is not good for them, and human food is too fatty for them. Even some human foods are even toxic to dogs. You should never feed your pet table scraps that you eat.

It will develop an undesirable begging attitude in your pet. Dogs are good learners as well. If you teach them good habits, they will learn good behaviour. On the other hand, if you teach them bad habits, they will learn bad behaviour. So, it’s up to you.

Bringing Puppies to a Park Can Harm Your Dog

Dogs indeed love socialising. But bringing a small puppy to a dog park is not a great idea. Sometimes dogs become passive carriers of diseases. Secondly, large dogs have rough nature while playing or running around. Your puppy may get scared, and these dogs may accidentally hurt your puppy Using Any Type of Physical Punishment.


Puppy In A Park

Yes, many such down owners give physical punishment to dogs for showing bad behaviour. This should be avoided. It not only hurts them but also breaks your bonding. Giving physical punishment won’t work at all.

You may give punishment to make sure that your dog is scared of you. But rewards-based training is more effective than physical punishment. If your dog still shows naughty behaviour or disobeys your commands, opting for an obedience school of training is better.

Prefer to give training to your dog in a secured place, and to secure a yard-like place in your house where your dog can enjoy playful activities and get training, you can use a dog shock fence. This is very effective. It won’t hurt your furry friend; it will protect your dog and keep outsiders from entering your property.

Lack of Stimulation Can Harm Your Dog

Dogs are such types of animals who need constant physical and mental stimulation. Regular walking is a must activity for dogs, and there should be at least one person in the family who will take your furry friend out for a walk in your absence.

Therefore, this is an important factor that you should take into consideration before adopting a dog. If your dog doesn’t receive the required attention from your end, it will start doing self-entertainment things like digging, ripping things, and so on.

Not Securing Our Dogs With Seat Belts

We always use seat belts for our children, and there is a reason for this. But sometimes we don’t do this similar thing for our furry friend. This is not done at all. Dogs are also like babies. They also need a seat belt while sitting in the car. It will protect them from any kind of accident.

Yelling At Your Furry Friend Can Harm Your Dog

Yelling is a type of activity you should not use to learn your dog’s discipline. It will not work at all. Rather it will make your furry friend confused than scared.

Keeping Harmful Objects in the House Can Harm Your Dog

Dogs are curious and adventurous in nature, and this often gets them into trouble. Make sure no harmful objects in your house can harm your furry friend. If you keep any such thing open in the house, it will either chew or swallow things like batteries, medicines, socks, etc.

Therefore, these things may harm your pet and from now on, you should be careful of these things.


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